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 Rules for Trade Confirmation

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PostSubject: Rules for Trade Confirmation   Sun 29 Sep - 17:01

Doug Wilson(LL) wrote:
1) Trade discussion/negotiation board will be for just that.

2) Trade confirmation boards are where trades go for approval.

-Each trade will have it's own thread and it will be marked like HF trade board titles. For example: "Montreal-Nashville"

-Trades must be in following format:

Quote :
Team Recieving(username):

Player 1
Player 2

Team Recieving(username):

Player 3
Player 4
-One of the GMs will post the trade, the other GM will confirm the trade. IF there is picks involved state the year and the original owner of the pick.

'CBA' changes:

Season trade cap:5

If you do not trade during season, you do not get an allowance.

Trade call changes:

Post your trade like before on trade board. Commissioners can only reject trades, if they are not rejected, they are automatically approved. If within 24 hours 2 commissioners reject a deal, it will go under review from all comissioners. If 1 commissioner rejects it or no one replies within 24 hours, it will be accepted. We will let you have more freedom with your trades, realism will count less but no cheating is only thing we'll look at. The league will run smoother.
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Rules for Trade Confirmation
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